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Sportivo is the name given to the sports models of Toyota Australia, including the Corolla, Echo, Camry and Aurion. The Sportivo name was also given to Toyota Australia's concept car which can be seen above. Toyota market a range of aftermarket equipement such as alloy wheels, spoilers and body kits which also carry the Sportivo brand.

Below is a selection of Toyota Sportivo vehicles, please click on a vehicle for more information. Visit again soon as we are always adding new content...

Toyota GT86

Stop the presses!

Toyota have just released the amazing new Toyota GT86!

For too long we Toyota fans have been lumped with FWD cars like the ones below. Don't get us wrong, we love the Sportivo range, but the GT86 is in a whole different league!

We wonder it there will be a Sportivo version of the GT86. That would be cool!

Here at we will keep you updated on any GT86 Sportivo model if it becomes a reality.

Check out the Toyota GT86 page for more info.

Corolla Sportivo

Echo / Yaris Sportivo

Aurion Sportivo

Camry Sportivo

Sportivo Concept

Corolla Sportivo Turbo

Although the Sportivo range of Toyotas have great looks and handling, some of them can be a little lacking in the engine department.

Unfortunately Toyota Australia thinks that we care more about looks than power, but for many of us that is not true!

In Japan some of these Toyotas are released with much more powerful engines, and thankfully you can import these engines and fit them to your Aussie Toyota.

The easiest way to convert your Aussie Toyota to JDM (Japanes Domestic Market) spec is to import a half cut of the JDM version of your car.

The half cut will come with the engine, gearbox and all other parts required to convert your Toyota into a much more powerful beast!

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